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0 Comments Updated policy for anyone asking about account recovery.

Gonna be 100% honest with you here.

Raven simply is never around to look it up, and I can not get the SSH tunnel to function with the information I currently have.
If someday I do get it working or have the correct information to do so this may change but until then this is how it has...

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6 Comments The what do you want for xmas event.

Hi there heard you like events.
Ok so this time it is gonna be pretty straight forward.

Ho ho ho and what would you like for xmas little boy, girl, or cast.
Well tell me 3 items and you will get 1 of them from a randomized list.
Strict limit of 1 per person.

Your task...

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6 Comments Halloween event 2017 Build a beast (of a weapon) workshop.

Welcome to the Halloween event 2017 Build a beast (of a weapon) workshop.

- A fun assortment of dress up weapons await you.

- Strike terror into the hearts of your enemies by
customizing your reward.

- Take on various quests to increase your hull.

To start off...

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0 Comments Halloween Event?

Just saw that the new event is up =D

This is my first event on Eden, and I've never had a xween event for PSO in general. I don't know if it follows the same as the previous year, or as another server or etcetera, so my questions would be what exactly can be looked forward to and how long...

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