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0 Comments Warning regarding hacked items

We haven't seen any reports of such going on however this is just a reminder to all.

If any player accepts hacked items they are risking being banned from Eden. If you are offered any items that appear to be too good to be true. They likely are. Please report the player to a GM or Admin...

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0 Comments Quest Changes

For the time being the Casino is offline. It will return with rotated items (finally). Unfortunately it will be offline for quite some time.

World of Illusion has been removed for the time being. I'll speak with Rika to see if we can get a later release of this quest.

The bug that...

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0 Comments Short Maintenance

There will be a short maintenance tonight (Around 7-9 hours) . It's just boring sysadmin stuff to do some database changes. No updates or anything.

Timetable: ~22pm GMT
~17pm EST

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10 Comments End of an era

Edit: All gone! To all who received stuff, enjoy!

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