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0 Comments October 19 restart

The server will restart at 9:00 PM PDT.

The downtime will be very short, less than a minute. Thanks for your understanding

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1 Comments October 9

A few items have had their team point values changed to be more in line with everything else. We may look into rebalancing the rewards soon.

The important tech boosting barriers and amplifiers now show up as red boxes.

The drop charts have been updated on the main site! Take note...

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0 Comments October 6 update

Hello, folks. It's Tuesday, October 6th, and there's been a couple noteworthy changes.

The forum and game rules have been updated, for one. They're a little more condensed now, and offer some clarifications on confusions pointed out by some players.

The plea section of the forums...

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0 Comments Drop chart error - October 6

A minor mix-up with the server's drop chart caused some drops to be incorrect for a while.

The affected drops were two of the tech boosting amplifiers, and all of the tech boosting barriers.

This has been fixed, and the proper drop chart can be found

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