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1 Comments Jumpers and boosted bosses ending tonight.

Hello, hunters.

This is just a friendly reminder that you've only got about half a day left to take advantage of the buffed bosses (and experience values from them) as well as the Christmas Jumpers being boosted.

I will be restarting the server this evening to restore things to...

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3 Comments Yawn! Happy new year and stuff

So once a year Rupi wakes from slumber and does something.

A while ago Tofu added a lil api to the server to get online user info. I just implemented it on the forum using a very old concept for another thing. You can hover over a character and see all his info (level, room and stuff like...

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0 Comments December 3rd Server Restart

There will be a server restart tonight at midnight PST. (3 AM EST, 8 AM GMT)

I will hop on and announce the restart 30 minutes before, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes before to make sure there's as little confusion/surprise as possible.

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0 Comments October 19 restart

The server will restart at 9:00 PM PDT.

The downtime will be very short, less than a minute. Thanks for your understanding

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