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6 Comments Halloween event 2017 Build a beast (of a weapon) workshop.

Welcome to the Halloween event 2017 Build a beast (of a weapon) workshop.

- A fun assortment of dress up weapons await you.

- Strike terror into the hearts of your enemies by
customizing your reward.

- Take on various quests to increase your hull.

To start off...

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0 Comments Halloween Event?

Just saw that the new event is up =D

This is my first event on Eden, and I've never had a xween event for PSO in general. I don't know if it follows the same as the previous year, or as another server or etcetera, so my questions would be what exactly can be looked forward to and how long...

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1 Comments Jumpers and boosted bosses ending tonight.

Hello, hunters.

This is just a friendly reminder that you've only got about half a day left to take advantage of the buffed bosses (and experience values from them) as well as the Christmas Jumpers being boosted.

I will be restarting the server this evening to restore things to...

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3 Comments Yawn! Happy new year and stuff

So once a year Rupi wakes from slumber and does something.

A while ago Tofu added a lil api to the server to get online user info. I just implemented it on the forum using a very old concept for another thing. You can hover over a character and see all his info (level, room and stuff like...

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