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0 Comments Client Update - 9th December 2014

There has been an update to the client. It's a minor change required for the Christmas event quest.

Once the patch has downloaded, just a reminder to everyone to use online.exe or launcher.exe to launch the game after. This will replace the old psobb.exe with the new psobb.pat that has been...

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0 Comments Removal of Multiplayer quests from Solo Mode

Because Teth likes hardcoded numbers, it doesn't want more than 256 quests to be present at once. I'm not sure if this is a server thing or a client thing, but I have workarounds in mind for future versions of the ship. I tried changing this in a few ways, but it appeared to have no effect on...

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1 Comments [Fixed] Login Server Temporarily Misbehaving

No one is able to reach the char select screen right now for a currently unknown reason.

Things will be sorted out as soon as possible - thanks for your patience.

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14 Comments Mouth watering meseta. (July 19th - July 26th)

Broke in game?
Want a quick boost to your meseta?

Here is your chance.

Just post a picture of food (or you with food ect… be creative) with your user name and PSOBB Eden in the picture let me know about your post in game will receive 10,000 meseta.

limit 1 entry per...

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