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Extract file into its own folder
Now just run online.exe to start the game.


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903 patch server error?
This is a connection issue between you and the patch server. One of the most frequent causes of this is not having the right psobb.exe and online.exe in your folder. Make sure you extracted properly.

It may also be the case that the patch server's having some issues. If you're sure you replaced your exes properly, try again. If you still have issues, request help in the shoutbox or in the help forums linked above. The patch server may simply need a restart.

Instant crash, error code 2?
This happens when you're running the exes from the wrong folder. Remember, after you run the first exe, you'll need to REPLACE the files in the folder that's created with the ones in the second link.

Again, if you still have issues or are confused, feel free to ask for help in the shoutbox or the help section.

Incorrect password, but you're sure you entered it in properly?
Ingame passwords are all lowercase, so if you had any capital letters, try typing them lowercase. Also, make sure caps lock isn't on. (<- happens to the best of us)


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